Summit Objective:
To translate the demonstrated increase in political and multi-stakeholder will and commitment to sanitation and hygiene priorities into tangible measurable multi-sectoral actions for accelerated national development.

Specific Objective:
  • To increase political engagement on Sanitation at all levels in Zambia.
  • To raise awareness among stakeholders (e.g. faith based and traditional leadership) on changes required
  • to improve the sanitation and hygiene situation in the country.
  • To identify solutions to challenges affecting adoption and prioritisation of evidence-based, cost effective, sustainable sanitation and hygiene interventions.
  • To raise awareness among high-level policy-makers on the importance of investing more in the fight against the practice of open defecation in Zambia.
  • To generate recommendations for strengthening the policy and regulatory environment for scaling up
  • sanitation and hygiene interventions.

Expected Output
The main highlight of the Summit will be the formal launch of the Zambia ODF Strategy 2030. Accordingly, and within the framework of the recently developed Zambia Open Defecation Free 2030 Strategy, the key output of this summit will be a Consensus Statement of the commitments and actions for multi-sector scaling up of sanitation and hygiene programmes at all levels with a view to ending open defecation in Zambia, and provision of sanitation and hygiene services for all.

Summit Theme
The GRZ Vision 2030 seeks to “to provide secure access to safe potable water sources and improved sanitation facilities to 100percent of the population in both urban and rural areas” with the following targets:
i. Improve access to appropriate, environmental friendly sanitation by all Zambians;
ii. Attainment of access to clean water supply and sanitation to all by 2030.
The SDG Sanitation target aims for universal access to sanitation (and hygiene) services. In view of the above,
the following is the agreed Theme for the Summit:
“Collective Action towards Sustainable Sanitation Services for All”

Summit slogan
In line with the Summit Theme, and GRZ policy and strategic direction, the Summit Slogan is:
“Clean, green and healthy Zambia”

Rationale for the Summit Theme and Slogan
Guided by available evidence, there is a recognition on the need to renew our collective commitment towards ending open defecation within GRZ and sector partners. In this regard, the planned summit the first of its kind in Zambia - will bring to the fore a topical subject i.e. open defecation that is not only of public and environmental health concern but is equally at the centre of human dignity. It is being organised against backdrop of change for wider social good to actualize the aspirations of the 7NDP, the Vision 2030, the Sustainable Development Goals, and the recently finalised GRZ led Zambia Open Defecation Free 2030 Strategy

Therefore, the above informs the selection of the summit theme and slogan, both of which are articulated articulated in the GRZ led Zambia Open Defecation Free Strategy 2030 that will be launched during the Sanitation Summit